Therapy Services


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Each person is unique and has been shaped by their personalities, identity, past history, and current experiences.  The goal of therapy is to help individuals enter into a life that is meaningful, effective, and rewarding.  It’s about partnering in exploration, challenging perspectives, and working together to identify those patterns that are keeping you stuck.  

Throughout our therapy work together, the focus is on becoming whole, creating an internal space of safety, a place where your own self-expression, compassion, and power can flourish.  Therapy is a place where a person can reintegrate with those parts of their mind, emotions, and body that they have been fighting against.  A place where you can mindfully respond to the challenging situations around you rather than react to them.

Individual Therapy

Many people seek individual therapy for help with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship stress, stress management, and health difficulties, just to name a few.  In this therapy work, the focus is on increasing well-being, not just reducing distress.   In addition to learning how to relate to pain in a new way, we might also focus on how to how to increase positive mood, find meaning in life, and live in line with your values.

Marriage and Couples counseling

Relationships can be challenging as each person brings their own set of interaction patterns and perspectives into the relationship.  Working on communication skills, conflict resolution, difficulties with intimacy, or struggling with connection to your partner can all be a focus of couple’s counseling.

Group Therapy

Currently there are no groups offered at this time.


Biofeedback can be a useful tool in helping people regain control of their physical bodies.  Those dealing with chronic pain, chronic illnesses, insomnia, and some anxiety disorders may feel that their bodies have hijacked their ability to engage in life the way they want.  Biofeedback is a way of bringing your body back under your conscious control so that you can deliberately activate your parasympathetic nervous system, or relaxation response, which helps manage chronic illnesses.

Insurance and Fees

Insurance is not accepted at this time.  You may submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement if it is covered on your plan.  Please check with your insurance company for the most accurate information about reimbursement.

The current fee for a 50-minute psychotherapy session is $120 unless otherwise discussed.  

It can be difficult to begin therapy.  There are many reasons why people hesitate even while knowing it may be a necessary process.  I would love to discuss these hesitations with you and discuss what may be the best fit for you.

To make an appointment call (859) 279-1762.