Mindfulness Exercises



Sometimes it is difficult to practice mindfulness or relaxation exercises on your own.  Here are a few recordings that you can download and use as needed.  


Body scan exercises may be used to increase mindful awareness of physical sensations and may increased parasympathetic nervous system activity.  At times they can be relaxing, but the point is not to relax.  The goal is to rather increase awareness of your body and your breath.

The breathing space exercise is a short mindfulness practice focused on practicing non-judgment and acceptance of reality as it is in this moment.

The mountain meditation is a mindfulness practice focused on practicing non-attachment to thoughts and emotions.  Rather than fighting against our thoughts and emotions, we practice letting them come and go as they happen.

The beach meditation is a guided visualization aimed at activating the parasympathetic nervous system which can be useful for those with chronic stress or chronic pain.

The grounding exercise is a mindfulness practice aimed at increasing awareness of the body's internal space.